Don't have time to crack your neighbor's WPA? Use this handy online service!

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Polly wanna crack it? So for some reason you want to get on the right side of a router’s WPA protection. Okay, I won’t ask questions. But how long is it going to take your computer to brute-force the password? A couple days? Have I got a service for you!

WPA Cracker
, a creatively-named new site, lets you submit the result of a handshake with a WPA-protected Wi-Fi point, and will have the password back to you before you’ve finished your cup of coffee. Of course, you’ll be $34 poorer for it, but hey, if that means you don’t have to pay for internet for six months you demonstrate a network’s vulnerability to your boss, it might just be worth it. WPA Cracker has a cluster of computers ready to do a massively parallel dictionary attack on the bit of encrypted data you send their way.

Now, I suppose this service is susceptible to abuse, but keep in mind that even a hundred-million-word dictionary can’t crack long, random alphanumeric strings. The lesson here is to assign ridiculous and unbreakable passwords to all your accounts and devices, and keep them safe in a central location like OS X’s keychain or one of the many programs designed to do just that.

[via Computer World]

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