Weekend Giveaway: Astro A40 BxR Special Edition Audio System

green_largeThe folks over at Astro Gaming wanted to share some holiday cheer and are giving us one of their new Astro A40 BxR SE Audio Systems to hand out to one lucky CrunchGear enthusiast. The new BxR system comes with a headset, in either red, blue or military green (we’re giving the green one away), and a MixAmp.

This headset comes with 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, allowing you to hear everything around you in any game that supports it, and a noise-canceling microphone. Additionally, you can add your own soundtrack to any game by connecting your MP3 player to the A40 MixAmp. The game and voice balance integrated into the MixAmp also lets you adjust the volume levels of each to your liking.

The BxR Special Edition sound system has a significant upgrade from their predecessor the Astro A40’s. The MixAmp has a new USB adapter that will work seamlessly with the PS3 (previously it worked solely with the Xbox 360, and the PS3 needed an extra adapter).

I have a pair of these and honestly can’t think of gaming without them. They improve the gaming experience exponentially.

Sound off in the comments section if you want a chance to own this $250 system. Tell us what games you’d be pumped to play these with.