The Missing Sync for Android now available

Screen shot 2009-12-04 at [ December 4 ] 12.42.13 PM

Just about each and every time we review an Android phone, one of the first questions that shows up in the comments is, “So – how is it at syncing?” The answer to that is a bit complex. If you’re just looking to sync with Google services (like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.), it’s great. Anything outside of that and, well, it kinda sucks. For anyone accustomed to using an iTunes-like interface for adding music, dragging and dropping things into folders may seem a bit archaic.

We’ve seen a good amount of clamoring for an Android-edition of Markspace’s The Missing Sync application, which has made its name by filling in the syncing-gaps on every platform from Windows Mobile to the Sony PSP. Clamorers, be still; Markspace has now answered the call. So what does it do?

  • Automatically converts movies for playback on your device, then transfers them
  • Photo syncing on both Mac and PC, with iPhoto support
  • Lets you sync your Android phone with iTunes
  • Contact sync with Exchange, Address Book, and Entourage.
  • Document Syncing
  • Ringtone Creation and Syncing
  • Podcast subscription support

Markspace has most of this stuff working on just about every Android device out there. They’re having some issues getting contact sync working on Android 2.0, so the Droid is limited to just the media-related stuff until they figure it out.

In the coming weeks, Markspace will be adding Calendar, To-Do list, Notes, and Bookmark syncing, along with fancy features like SMS backup and wireless, proximity-based syncing.

At $40 bucks, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. If you’re willing to splurge for the syncing functionality, however, you can find it right here.