Stocking Stuffer: Kensington Video Chat Light for Netbooks ($15)


Kensington’s $15 “Video Chat Light for Netbooks” can provide some much-needed illumination to your video chats. It’s powered by a single USB Port and features a flexible gooseneck that’s sturdy yet pliable.

There are eight LED lights inside the lamp and you can set the level at OFF, ON/4 (half the LEDs illuminated), and ON/8 (all LEDs illuminated).


The light output isn’t terribly bright but it casts a nice glow nonetheless. You won’t use this thing for making professional-looking feature films but it’s great to use at night or in a poorly-lit room. It can also pull double duty as a keyboard light.

Here’s a before-and-after taken during the day with all the lights off – there’s a window that gets partial sunlight over my left shoulder, for your reference.


JK, all the way. That’s the Enzyte Guy. He smiles a lot.

Here are the actual photos. The first is with no light, followed by ON/4, then ON/8.

Capture 9

No light.

Capture 10

Half light (ON/4).

Capture 11

Full light (ON/8).

So there you have it. Available now for $15 from Kensington.