Someone else shows us what Google Chrome looks like

chromium-video2For an OS that isn’t even out yet, Chrome OS sure has a bunch of people going crazy over it. I’ll admit, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it when it’s released, but I’m going to wait until then.

Right now it’s not a perfect build; we should expect that at this point, given that Chrome isn’t supposed to be out for a year. Not everything works, and what does work isn’t as fast as Google and its users want. You can take a look for yourself in this video demo of Chrome OS running as the primary OS on a laptop. I get it, it looks promising. But do we really need to put this thing through its paces a year before it’s supposed to be out? I say let the Google folks work on their project and get back to us. They don’t need people looking over their proverbial shoulder every step of the way.