Man Promotes Band In The Middle Of Nowhere On Google Street View

We’ve heard of people getting upset when their picture shows up on Google Street View (the street-level picture you can zoom into from Google Maps). For this reason, Google blurs out people’s faces for privacy. Others have protested Google coming down their street to photograph their house (cough, Paul McCartney). But can Google Street View also be used as a marketing vehicle?

Nate Heagy thinks so. He went to great lengths to follow a Google Street View vehicle and anticipate its movements so that he could set up a sign in its path and start playing a guitar so that he could promote his band, Fear Salesman. Well, he is now on Google Street View. Heagy explains how he executed his bold plan:

Last spring, . . . I hatched a plan to promote my indie band. After making a sign and keeping it in the trunk of my car for about a month I finally chanced across the google street view car. Then I had to follow it until I figured out its pattern, then get ahead of it with time to set up.

There is only one problem. His picture was taken in the middle of nowhere. Not only is it in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (which is in Canada, for all you geography majors out there). It is on a random residential street in Saskatoon that maybe five people will ever look up. Until now, I guess. Damn you, Heagy!