Zyxio Unveils Top Product Ideas For "Be A Mind Blower" Contest

We recently wrote about Zyxio, a startup that has developed a proprietary technology called SensaWaft that lets people control computers via air flow. Basically Zyxio’s technology enables anyone to control a mechanical device, or a mouse pointer on a screen, or whatever, by blowing. How hard you blow, as well as minute differences in direction, are converted to commands.

The variety of products that could use the technology are endless. With that in mind, the startup launched a contest, BeAMindBlower, to crowdsource new product ideas and is going to fund development of the most innovative product ideas that are submitted. Today, Zyxio is entering the second phase of the competition by announcing the top 25 most popular ideas. The startup is inviting everyone to vote on their favorite products; Zyxio will announce the top 5 winners at the end of the competition on December 18.

Current ideas to leverage SensaWaft’s technology range from blowing passwords into your computer, flicking through digital pages, enhancing immersion in virtual worlds to using the technology to power a communication device for disabled patients.

The five “Mind Blowers” who receive the most votes will sit on the Mind Blowing Advisory Board for a six- month period and assist with the development of the new products inspired by their ideas. They will also receive $6,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas. And if you vote for an idea, you’ll be eligible to win a Samsung netbook or an Android phone.

Judging from the list of the final 25 ideas, there are some fascinating ideas that could come out of this contest. Be sure to check the site out and vote for your favorite “Mind Blower”!