Second Life Gets A Life 2.0 At Sundance

Does anybody go to Second Life anymore? It seems like a ghost town these days, although every now and then you hear rumblings of a quiet comeback for the proto-virtual world. Well, at the very least Second Life will be getting a second life at the movies. A documentary called Life 2.0 will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Life 2.0 was produced by PalmStar Entertainment (which is co-founder Stephan Paternot’s indie movie company) and Andrew Lauren Productions (The Squid And The Whale). Here is how they describe the move in a release:

This feature-length documentary follows a group of people whose lives are dramatically transformed by the virtual world Second Life. More than an examination of a hot new technology, the film is foremost an intimate, character-based drama about people who look to a virtual world in search of something they are missing in their real lives.


If the movie is able to rouse the remaining residents of Second Life up and away from their computers to a movie theater with other actual people I, for one, will consider it a success. Although, I am not sure how many real movie theaters the people of Second Life can fill.

Below is a teaser trailer which tells you absolutely nothing about the movie:

“Life 2.0” documentary teaser from Jason Spingarn-Koff on Vimeo.