Updated: Has Twitter dumped the hated Retweet function?

Twitter’s Retweet functionality, which has caused so much consternation appears to have disappeared not long after it was introduced last month.

The Retweets area in the right side bar has gone and the RT function button on people’s profiles has gone as well.

The design of the Retweet feature created huge confusion over how RTs were attributed, plus different client applications treated RTs differently. Retweets of these retweets were even worse.

You can still can RT the old way and always have been able to. So it looks like either Twitter has listened to the storm of protests about it, or the feature is down while they change it. Often Twitter disables features temporarily if they’re causing load problems and to keep the rest of the site running.

We’ll update this post when there’s more information.

Update: We’re getting feedback that Retweets aren’t gone for everyone, so it’s clearly patchy across Twitter.

Update II: Looks like RT function was, as I speculated above, removed just temporarily. Back to the old routine people.

{Thanks to Orli for the tipoff)