Feeling lonely? Bizarre Japanese CD lets 600 different girls say "I love you" to you


Does anybody remember the DVD I blogged that was supposed to cure shyness in geeks by letting them look at 50 different girls over a time span of 96 minutes? The girls would just sit there, not saying or doing anything. The idea was to make you get used to looking at pretty girls on the TV to overcome your shyness in real life.

That was last year. And now we have the Hougen CD [JP], which is more or less trying to do the same thing – but this time not with video but audio. In my view this CD, a real product you can buy, is even dumber than aforementioned DVD: What you get is a CD on which 600 different Japanese girls say “Daisuki!” or “Meccha Daisukiyanen!”, which means “I love you!” in Japanese.

As a bonus, the girls talk in their home dialects (“Hougen” means dialect in Japanese) in order to satisfy geeks all over Nippon. Record company NR Pro also throws in a second CD on which, for some strange reason, the girls will yell at you (“I hate you” etc.).

The Hougen CD goes on sale just in time for Christmas, on December 23 (price: $25).

Picture 1

And as if NR Pro wanted to prove everything is possible in Japan, they’re also offering the Chuu CD [JP] (“Chuu” means kiss in Japanese). 12 different girls are making 100 kiss noises each on it. And those 1,200 kisses will set you back exactly 1,200 Yen ($15). You get one kiss for one yen and there are no language barriers.

Ask CD Japan in the unlikely case you want one of those CDs shipped outside Japan.