Tuesday Giveaway: MittenBerry

What’s that you say? You want your hands to be warm and cosy while texting this winter? Don’t want to buy sniper gloves with the removable trigger finger? Why do I know about sniper gloves?

Anyway, we’ve got three pairs of MittenBerry gloves for your texting pleasure. To win, read on.

First, here’s what these things are:

A modern spin on the mitten, the Mittenberry keeps your hands warm and your relationships warmer. Its supersoft wool will have your hands thanking you, even on the coldest winter days. And a quick flip of the thumb flap lets your thumbs do the talking. A winter must-have, the Mittenberry is the perfect complement to the iPhone, BlackBerry, or your device du jour. We guarantee it will be love at first sight. You’ll be smitten with our mittens.

Next, comment below. We’ll pick three winners at random to own these gloves. I don’t think you HAVE to get pink, but you can if you want to.