VidQue Aims To Do A Better Job Surfacing Online Videos Worth Watching

Every minute, approximately 20 hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube, so it won’t surprise you if I say that it’s impossible for any human being to watch everything on there in the span of one lifetime – provided anyone would even want to.

The standard of quality of videos that are uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing platforms like Vimeo or is subject to debate, as is the ability for the operators of the websites to put in such good filters that the best videos across a variety of categories get featured rather than the most popular (most viewed) only.

VidQue, for one, aims to build a better mousetrap by applying what you could refer to as a social filter to videos shared online.

VidQue functions in large part as a video bookmarking and distribution app, enabling users to save videos to their custom pages with a single click, and easily share them with their friends on Twitter or Facebook. At the same time, VidQue puts a lot of focus on video discovery, allowing users to watch videos based on their personal “Video Feed”, which is a listing of the latest videos saved by their peers or basically anyone they decide to follow.

The essence of the service is based on the premise that popularity rarely equals quality, and VidQue instead algorithmically analyzes trends and peer reviews in order to showcase the best videos on its main category listings (e.g. Technology). Thus, the startup claims, each user gets treated as a unique individual which in turns makes for a more “successful and rewarding video discovery experience” over time.

VidQue is entirely bootstrapped, but CEO Lukas Dryja informs me that the fledgling company will now start looking for external funding to be able to grow.