UK's The Sun newspaper beats Apple to news-friendly tablet

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thesun[UK] If the rumours prove true then Apple is on the verge of releasing its own Internet tablet – and a big part of its appeal will be news consumption. Some have even proclaimed that the device could save the newspaper industry. That’s bound to be music to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s ears, but one of his many media outlets, the UK’s The Sun newspaper, may have beaten Apple to the punch.

Described as the “must have handheld accessory of 2009”, the device features a 26 inch full panoramic colour ‘screen’ and 3D photo realistic graphics. No squinting at pages. No need to turn the device on its side for better reading. Sharing content is also possible, and to add to the fun factor, there’s 7 built in pen-friendly games. But perhaps best of all there’s “no waiting for downloads” in order to get your daily news fix either. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Check out the video promo after the jump.

(Hat tip: The Media Blog)

  • Moilo

    ROFL!!! :D

  • damola Timeyin

    I love this, which agency was responsible for this awesome ad?

  • Markus Goebel


    I want one. :)

  • Tim

    except the Sun doesn’t contain any real news

  • Briantist

    The thing most Sun readers will want to know – can I wipe my arse with it?

    • Leon

      If you wiped your arse with a copy of the sun, your arse would smell worse afterwards :S The bullshit in the paper would probably give you rectal cancer too.

  • Dennis Greene

    This is real ostrich-head-in-the-sand-stuff. First off, the nature of news has changed – the Sun does not deliver news any more. For the most part, it merely recycles stuff that has appeared elsewhere. To be honest, this was true 20 years ago, let alone now.

    Secondly, newsprint cannot be updated in real time – if you look at changing first edition times over the past 20 years, you’ll realise this is true. In the old days, a city newspaper would commonly lay on an extra edition for a big story. Not any more. Why? Because there is no market for stuff you can take in by osmosis over TV, radio, internet etc.

    Third, newspapers have always been cheap – typically as cheap as a first class stamp. The fact that is no longer true tells you a lot about the way economics in print have changed.

    Nobody is going to pay a fixed monthly fee for a newspaper unless it delivers massively more value than it does today – ie is Murdoch going to allow TV downloads from Sky to his newspaper subscribers?? I don’t think so.

    The natural arena for newspapers to play in is close to the individual – on his way to or from work. To do this, they need to be on mobiles in a significant way but I see little or no creativity being applied to this.

    I speak as someone who spent more than ten years on Fleet Street as an editor and exec. Newspapers need to strike strategic alliances with major players in the internet industry or they face the same fate as teletype and fax machines. Newspapers are romantic certainly, but so were steam engines.

    To date, all I see is the same old hype, with a couple of noticeable exceptions in the quality market – most notably, the Guardian.

    • Michael Boyd

      Don’t you people (Dennis Greene) see the 89374 articles a year that say “people on the internet have short attention spans”? I just don’t understand how someone can write such a long comment and expect anyone else to read it.

      As much as I dislike the Sun, I think this ad is absolutely hilarious!

      • Leon

        It’s because people are lazy and don’t want to read that tabloid crap like the Sun exist, I find it refreshing when people actually put thought and detail into an answer on an online forum, wish more people would do it.

  • Tom Nash

    The advert is so laced with humour that I think debating the viability of the newspaper format kind of misses the point…

    Like many others above this comment, I appreciate that the Sun has little journalistic integrity but the fact is this is a great ad and far surpasses anything I would have expected from them. *nods cap*

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  • Ben and Jess

    :D we love you x

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