Best Tip Of The Week: I am not good with computer edition


We get a lot of e-mail at the MobileCrunch tips line. Really, a whole friggin’ lot. About 2% of them are worthwhile tips. The remaining 98% is made up of other bloggers highlighting their stories for linkage (which we don’t mind a bit), Nigerian princes asking for our bank account details (which we do mind), and a surprising number of emails that say nothing but “Sent from my iPhone.”

Every once in a while, a real gem comes along. It’s not a gem in the “Oh wow, this is going to be great for traffic!” sense — no, no, nothing like that. It’s a gem in the “Why the hell did they send us this?” sense. It’s not spam, and it’s not gibberish. In fact, it makes perfect sense – just not in the context.

To give you a small taste of what it’s like to be a blogger on what is arguably the best mobile blog on the entire TechCrunch network, we present a new column: Best Tip Of The Week. Will this be a reoccurring column? If by “reoccurring column” we mean that this’ll probably be the only one before we either run out of good tips or forget about it, yes.

Today’s best tip comes from reader Karen:

Do you all have a phone number? I do not want to buy a computer from you without talking to you first.

Thanks, Karen

We’ll just go ahead and leave that right there.