Strange Bedfellows: eBay And Microsoft Team Up To Offer Daily Deals To IE8 Users

In time for Black Friday, Microsoft and eBay are partnering to offer eBay Daily Deals to Internet Explorer 8 users directly from the browser. Via a Internet Explorer Web Slice, Microsoft will offer users the best “Daily Deals” from eBay from within the browser.

The deals will be found within Favorites Bar on IE8, and will be updated daily within the browser. In conjunction with the new feature, eBay will also launch a “12 Days of Deals” promotion that will feature a deal of the day within the browser starting tomorrow. The search feature will also let you search eBay from IE8 and will show suggest popular products on eBay to users. And you can find and preview eBay items from any site you are on without leaving the page. eBay previously launched a browser highlighter for IE last year.

In time for the holiday online shopping season, Microsoft is also touting IE8’s malware and phishing protections. And the browser’s InPrivate Browsing feature lets people control what the browser saves in terms of cookies, history files and data.

The Microsoft and eBay partnership is odd but eBay is pushing hard this year to get a piece of the holiday shopping market. The e-commerce giant recently launched a new iPhone application dubbed Deals and upgraded its shopping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform and debuted an enhanced mobile website.