Video Game Network Gets $1.7 Million In Funding

machinima logoVideo game online network has raised $1.7 million in funding from previous backer MK Capital. According to reports, this is being considered an add-on to Machinima’s previous round in November, with the possibility of upping the amount to $2.5 million if needed. has become quite the growing viral attraction in the last year. They hover around 60 million monthly video views spread across their network, up from just 20 million a year ago, with most of the views coming from their hilarious YouTube channel and the website itself. Machinima’s makes their own content, as well as showcasing the content of private contractors, and has many popular series including Halo’s “Red vs. Blue.”

This announcement comes just before Machinima’s Inside Gaming Awards, which will air on December 15th. Nominations for the Inside Gaming Awards, which include 18 categories such as Game of the Year, Best Weapon, and Best Multiplayer, will open on November 27th.