Just In Time For #Thanksgiving, TurkeyTwitter Gathers All The #Thankful Tweets

Want to know what people are thankful for this Thanksgiving? You can be sure many will be Tweeting about it. Tomorrow if you search #thanksgiving or #thankful on Twitter search, you will get a good sense of what thanks people are sharing on Twitter.

Or you can go to TurkeyTwitter, a site thrown together by Joshua Premuda which gathers all Tweets with the hashtags #thanksgiving or #turkeytwitter. (I think he should add #thankful as well).

There is a lot of noise on the site with a lot of tweets about people preparing for thanksgiving or wishing everyone safe travels rather than just the Tweets about what they are thankful for specifically. That’s why a #thankful hashtag is necessary. But please, be creative. This is not just another social media marketing opportunity and it’s not the Oscars. (“I am thankful for all my followers” is an actual Tweet).

Me, I’m just thankful I’m not a turkey. What are you #thankful for?