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Snapture iPhone App Adds Twitter And Facebook Sharing

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One of the most popular paid photo apps for the iPhone, Snapture (iTunes link) just got a few upgrades. The new features include the ability to share photos on either Twitter or Facebook, a new tap-to-focus capability, and different color modes (black & white, sepia, negative). Posting to Facebook or Twitter should be standard for any photo app. It instantly makes the photo app social.

The Snapture app, which costs $1.99, shows you the picture you just took in a small picture-in-picture window so that you don’t have to go to the camera roll to see if it’s any good. It also offers multi-shot mode and pinch-to-zoom. And you can share by email as well.

Snapture has already been downloaded more than 700,000 times (much of that from when it was a free jailbroken app), which is not bad for a slightly better mousetrap.

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