Sad-Eyed TiVo of the Low Subscriber Rate


And… it’s… outta here. TiVo is down to less than three million subscribers and they sold about 500 DVRs a day last quarter, giving it 8% of the 38 million US DVR market. That’s not much.

TVByTheNumbers has the numbers. They’re down 314,000 subscribers to 2.76 million and lost 146,000 last quarter. Rough stuff.

Listen: I loved TiVo for years, but after the TiVo HD rolled out to a resounding plop I knew the end was near. We just cancelled our account after years of accepting sub-par video playback – we stuck with the SD TiVo and never upgraded – and it can only get worse.

Godspeed, happy dancing TiVo mascot. We loved you, once.