Review: AViiQ portable laptop stand

My general opinion is that laptops were made for laps. But sometimes your lap just isn’t convenient or comfortable for a laptop. There is no shortage of laptop stands, shelves, and supports available for purchase, but few strike the sweet spot that the AViiQ portable laptop stand does. It’s super thin, super light, and folds up to consume a negligible amount of space, making it a no-brainer to include in your already-full laptop bag.


  • Accommodating all laptops—including the 17-inch-wide models
  • effortlessly folds down to 1/4-inch for exceptional storage and portability
  • crafted from four lightweight, aluminum plates
  • helps better dissipate heat to promote improved battery life and enhance machine longevity
  • MSRP of $79.95


  • Super lightweight, easy to use, and easy to carry
  • Helps make laptop use ergonomical and comfortable in any situation
  • The included carrying bag doubles as a screen cleaning cloth


  • Pricey

The AViiQ portable laptop stand is a lightweight aluminum stand that folds down to about the size of a standard ruler, and weighs five and a half ounces. Folded up, it takes up almost no space, and as such is extremely easy to pack into any laptop bag. It comes with a bag into which the folded stand can be stored, which helps protect the sharp edges of the stand from scratching anything inside your laptop bag. Plus, the bag doubles as a screen cleaner!

Unfolded, the AViiQ sports enough space to comfortably hold any laptop, large or small. The top portion folds over, and under, to create a twelve degree slant that is comfortable for prolonged computer use. I normally just throw my laptop on a desk, and then wonder why my wrists are sore after some period of use. With the AViiQ, I found my laptop usage to be much more comfortable for longer periods of time.

The feet at the bottom of the stand, and the little tabs that protrude through the slots, are rubber coated and do a great job at keeping your laptop in place on the stand, and the stand in place on the desk. I had no trouble with slippage or movement. The aluminum construction helps dissipate heat. If you’ve got some power hungry heat producing laptop, this is an important consideration.

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