QooQ – a tablet computer that teaches you how to cook

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qooq[France] Tablets are destined to be the next super trendy tech device. CrunchGear regularly reports on new devices that will be launched by PC or mobile manufacturers, and Apple will one day join the dance. Analysts have announced that the tablet war will take place in 2010 so we just have to be patient.

A French company called Unowhy, (which raised 2.9 million euros in April 09) is approaching the issue from another angle. They see the tablet not as a finality but as a way to offer new experiences. And that’s how QooQ was born: a cooking coach built into a tablet. It’s not about hardware, it’s not about software, it’s about content. Qooq will replace your cooking books, and bring you hundreds of recipes, tips and tools to help you become a master chef.

The tablet Qooq has a 10.2-inch touchscreen display and onscreen keyboard, with a glass screen to protect the device from food and other mess (it is designed to be at the heart of the kitchen), and has an internet connection over Ethernet or WiFi (to receive recipe updates). The operating system is perfectly adapted for the device and for the content, bringing some interesting applications such as a cooking planner, a shopping list maker etc. It can act as a radio, offers other Internet widgets and can be used as a digital photo frame.

QooQ is not a device for geeks, it’s for people who enjoy cooking, and that would like a coach, for new and interactive recipes. It’s sold online and offline, and to fit with their positioning the device isn’t to be found in the technology section (with other tablet PCs) but amongst the other cooking books.

Qooq costs 349 euros, which includes the device and 500 recipes and 10 videos from various French chefs. For 12.95 euros per month, you can add a pass to have access to more than 500 videos with chefs and 2000 recipes. Why no English version for the UK and the US? Because, as already noted, the device is content-driven and will require the QooQ team to source local recipes, with local chefs etc.

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  • http://cookingtoolssite.com Gary Saqyer

    I liked this thing..i am surely gonna gift it to my darling wife…

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  • http://theviralmarketingblog.com Ricardo

    Interesting approach and business model. But sure geeks will hack this thing to play mario and doom!

  • DDavis

    Nice idea, but still too limited. What if you had the same hardware, but could install tons of apps on it and also have a phone in it? Apps like a Calendar, Calculator, and email? Something that you can use but not have to sit at a computer station. Oh wait… damn. Apple Taplet…

  • http://www.cookmateapp.com meap

    Nice idea.

  • http://www.ncba.info/ toni

    thanks the information has provided me a lot of information, your blog is very good

  • http://www.maisonrant.de maisonrant

    I think this device is nice as it is. Like written in the article it’s about content and due to it’s “linitations” it kind of forces the user to focus on the approach (is that a very french way?).
    I think a device like this one can help overcome the often claimed loss of cooking-culture and can helb to gain deeper knowlede, not provided by the familiy. Nice thing!

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  • Traqqer2000

    Interesting, but nothing really new. And I agree, Tablets will be the next big trend in computing/mobile devices. But the trend really won’t start until Apple joins the party. Here’s an article that I agree with:


  • http://paidcritique.blogspot.com/ Tita Lou

    why not just buy a ipad tablet that can do it all? ebook, games, video, even searching some products like  belt pouch you can do it on ipad…  dont waste money on gadgets that has mono-task functionality.

  • Gas Grills On Sale

    I don’t know if I want a pad that can only do one thing, couldn’t they just make an app for ipad?



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