eBay: Our Mobile Users Will Spend More Than $500 Million On Goods This Year

Internet commerce juggernaut eBay is unveiling a brand new iPhone application dubbed Deals today, alongside an upgraded version of its shopping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform and an enhanced mobile website. And there’s a good reason for eBay to bolster its mobile offering: the company says its mobile GMV (value of goods sold) via its iPhone app and mobile website (m.ebay.com) is on track to top half a billion dollars by the end of this year.

Impressive number, and that’s not the end of the story. eBay also shared that its mobile GMV is growing at a double-digit rate month-over-month, and that approximately half of its 750,000 unique mobile users per month are situated outside the United States. Another interesting tidbit: eBay says 1 item is purchased every 2 seconds through its mobile offering.

Earlier this year, eBay CEO John Donahoe told a conference audience that the value of goods sold through the eBay iPhone app alone would exceed $400 million, and that an upgraded version of the app was imminent. That updated app should now be available, and it gained a little brother, too.

Version 1.5 of the eBay iPhone application (iTunes link), which the company says has been downloaded 5 million times to date, should now be live on the App Store – in 8 languages and in 77 countries. It boasts a streamlined interface that lets buyers and sellers manage their eBay activity and accounts directly from their iPhone devices, Daily Deal access, social media and e-mail sharing options (new), ‘Buy It Now’ capabilities, push notification alerts (also new) and a more powerful integration with PayPal.

The e-commerce giant is today also debuting a new app, called Deals (iTunes link – US store only), that basically gives iPhone and iPod Touch users a way to access the seemingly never-ending stream of bargains among hundreds of millions eBay listings. The app has built-in integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, making it easier for buyers to share their shopping activity with other and even build consensus around deals with their friends. Nice touch: you can shake your device to refresh the deals on display.

eBay has released the new app just in time for its ’12 Days Of Deals’ program, that will commence this Friday, November 27.

Anyone still believe e-commerce via mobile isn’t worth the effort?