Dropbox Raised $6 Million Sequoia-Led Series A In October 2008

Earlier today GigaOm reported that Dropbox raised a new $7.25 million funding round over the summer (a number they derived from a SEC filing but that CEO Drew Houston wouldn’t confirm). We just spoke to Houston, who says that figure is wrong, and it’s off by nearly a year: Dropbox did close a Series A funding round, but it was for $6 million, and it was back in October 2008. And it was led by Sequoia, not Accel (though Accel did participate in the round).

Previously, Dropbox raised a seed round led by Sequoia that was $1.2 million in convertible debt, with Amidzad Partners also participating. They also raised money through the Y Combinator program.

Aside from the not-so-recent funding, Dropbox has been killing it lately. Houston tells us their membership numbers were up 25% in October, spurred in part by their new iPhone app. And the company also managed to gain control over Dropbox.com (previously their service was hosted on the domain getdropbox.com). They’ve also recently hit 3 million users, only two months after they passed the 2 million user milestone.