Bass in your face with the BassJump for MacBooks


If there’s one thing I’ve always missed about MacBooks it’s the lack of gut-thumping bass. I mean the kind of bass that curdles your insides and causes them to blow out in a wet, pink slurry. I’m talking about bass that will make your parents come down into the basement and ask just what do you think you’re doing and then when they come down they’ll be all like “GLARGGLE!” and then they’ll melt like the Nazi’s in Raiders of the Lost Ark. That’s what I’m looking for.

Will you get it with the $80 BassJump subwoofer from TwelveSouth? Probably not, but it will add a bit of bass to your woefully under block-rockin’ MacBook’s speakers.

To use it you simply plug in the booster to a free USB port and use the software to set the levels.

BassJump software combines audio coming from your MacBook speakers with the low frequency bass coming from the BassJump subwoofer. By blending to two audio sources, you hear a dramatically richer, fuller sound. iTunes will sound better, and so will your favorite games. And wait till you see the BassJump preferences window. Two big, glowing, old-school style analog VU meters add a bonus visual experience to your sweeter sound. There’s even a cool little VU meter in the preferences bar. The BassJump preferences window also lets you to customize the sound to suit your style of music: rock, pop, R&B, etc.

So no pink slurry. Just better sound.