Ridin' Vidly: Chamillionaire Helps Launch Realtime Video Responses, Vidly Express

Screen shot 2009-11-23 at 7.04.10 PMThough it has yet to take off in a major way, the idea behind video comments remains a potentially compelling one. And after seeing some success using its video platform to serve up videos on Twitter, Vidly thinks it can crack the case. And Grammy-winning hip-hop star Chamillionaire and the popular blog commenting system Disqus are helping them try to do that.

Launching today, Vidly Express is a way to use Vidly’s video platform on any site for visitors to add video comments or responses with the click of a button. And using celebrities like Chamillionaire is an obvious example to get the service some traction. As you can see on his own site, he’s already using it to good effect. But Chamillionaire isn’t just any celebrity endorser, as we learned first hand during this year’s TechCrunch50, he’s actually in tune with a lot of interesting things going on in tech — and uses the stuff, so his endorsement is a solid one.

Adding the Vidly Express widget to your site is as easy as copying a short script and pasting it in your code. Or if you have the Disqus commenting system implemented on your site, Vidly Express can be turned on with the flip of a switch. Disqus has actually tried video commenting before, with Seesmic, but since they’ve shifted away from the video space, Vidly is a more natural partner. And it’s better.

While Vidy Express in DISQUS retains the familiarity of the Seesmic implementation, the major difference is that it takes advantage of distribution channels and network effects.  Video responses may appear in the user’s Twitter stream and soon on Facebook,” Vidly founder Chrys Bader tells us.

Back in August, Vidly changed its name (from Twitvid.io) and decided to shift its focus towards all kind of video and away from simply being a “video Twitter” service. But Twitter remains an important element of the service, and they recently launched the first HD video option for it.

Both Vidly and Disqus are Y Combinator startups.

[photo: flickr/anuj biyani]