Infoaxe Launches Real-Time Search Engine Based On Web History Platform

There are a number of real-time search engines in the space, including Collecta and OneRiot. Today, at the Real-Time CrunchUp, Infoaxe debuts its real time search engine.

What makes Infoaxe unique is that it doesn’t tap into streams from Twitter, Facebook, or Digg for content. Infoaxe’s search engine relies completely on attention data generated by the startup’s web history search engine.

Infoaxe doesn’t want to replace Google or even other real-time search engines. Instead, it wants to provide another layer on top of Google search results, which is why all results on InfoAxe are featured side by side with the same results from Google. One criticism of InfoAxe’s search algorithm is that it only draws from the data hose of its product, which provides a limited view. But InfoAxe says that its web history search engine toolbar just crossed 2 million registered users.

Regardless, InfoAxe could have a promising real-time product. Advised at Stanford by the late Rajeev Motwani and Professor Hector Garcia Molina, InfoAxe has raised $900,000 in seed funding from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Labrador Ventures, Band of Angels and Amidzad Partners.