Cisco Lets You Access Network Security Information On The Go Via iPhone App

For security nuts and enterprise clients, Cisco is launching an iPhone app, called Cisco SIO, to put Cisco Security Intelligence Operations in users’ hands. The app gives giving users real-time access to security information and also lets users create personalized alerts to show security threats that could impact their network.

Powered by the Cisco’s Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service, the app informs, protects and enables IT staff to respond in real time to alerts and threats to the network. The application will deliver data on early warning intelligence, threat vulnerabilities and sill suggest solutions to any problems that take place. It also provides unique IP and URL address e-mail and Web reputation look-up powered by the Cisco’s IronPort SenderBase Security Network. Via the app, you’ll also be able to access Cisco security news and information from the company’s blog, Twitter feed, podcasts and press releases, which Cisco hopes to use to engage with the greater security technology community.

Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations product has four main components. Cisco SensorBase is a threat-monitoring network pulls in data from allof Cisco devices and services. Cisco IntelliShield is a historical-threat database of 40,000 vulnerabilities and 3,300 IPS signatures; and more than 600 third-party threat-intelligence sources, which track more than 500 third-party data feeds and 100 security news feeds around the clock. Cisco also offers enterprises a Threat Operations Center which is composed of 500 security analysts around the world that monitor and research threats 24 hours a day. SIO also offers real-time updates with recommendations and other content to try to help clients track threats, analyze intelligence and more.

As the iPhone increasingly gains traction as a mobile device used in the business world, enterprise giants like Cisco are also throwing their hat in the ring. Real-time information, especially when it comes to IT security, is necessary to have on-demand. Cisco has also rolled out apps for its WebEx Meeting Center and mobile offerings.