Why @Dinner_Guest is probably a fake

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This is why I love this medium. You put something out there. Sometimes you have all the holes pluggged. Sometimes you don’t. But blog comments and latterly, Twitter conversations, can be just incredible, and go on to form a patchwork of great information around a story – even creating new stories.

That’s what’s happening on the comments on my post yesterday about the @Dinner_Guest Twitter user who is tweeting like he’s a murderer in Brighton. I figured it was interesting enough to do a quick post on it. Maybe I’ve been sucked into a dumb marketing campaign, maybe I haven’t – I’m not overly worried. I’d rather put something out there that I think is interesting than not, and I knew for sure that in this case the community out there would be great at looking into this.

Thus, one Commenter, Scott Gould has some great thinking about whether Dinner Guest is real or fake which deserves repeating below. It just goes to show that this kind of community-powered journalism has so much potential.

1. IP Address – hello???

2. Uses Web, then does Twittelator. Clearly follows ppl. Then asks “How do I follow?” after people had said that he seemed a bit too proficient in Twitter – of course the fact that he already followed people shows this is a setup.

3. He thanks @f0rged for saying how to follow people using the web method, even tho he is using Twitterlator.

4. Uses American Psycho allusions, including the name dinner_guest

5. Speaks using classic ego talk, as if he is Patrick Bateman or Hannibal Lecter or something, unlike actual Serial Killers.

UPDATE: The profile in question now reads: “A fictional character born out of an artists mind. A meme experiment & analysis”

  • danny

    haha I like point number 5 – how do actual serial killers talk then? know many do you?

    ps…not sure why or how anyone could think the profile is a real serial killer – he is behind a computer – actual serial killers like to go for walks :-),

  • http://scottgould.me Scott Gould

    Danny – I know, seems a bit macabre that I know – but I’ve read quite a bit about it, lol.

  • danny

    Mike – can Scott see my email address? I am getting very worried now. I saw a CSI episode, where it all started from a blog comment. No wait – actually I think it was a Nightwatch episode. Either way, Scott knows too much about serial killers – do we think he is a real serial killer or a viral marketing effort for blog commenting?

    • http://uk.techcrunch.com Mike Butcher

      Definitely a killer. If I were you I’d be very worried.

      • danny

        Thanks Mike,

        As if I don’t have enough things to worry about.

        ps…is Arfan below my comment a spammer or not? I question eveything on the web now – nothing can be taken at face value. A social media expert taught me this.

  • http://www.nsyght.com Geoffrey McCaleb

    Killer or bored geek whose watched one too many episodes of Dexter?

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  • daniel zane

    not sure this has any meaning daniel zane hertfordshire

  • Colin Tan

    Well, everyone knows psycho killers use (Cont) to indicate their tweets are overflowing into the next one

  • http://www.twitter.com/shanleykane Shanley Kane

    Well I think the mystery is solved- @dinner_guest’s bio has been officially updated to read “A fictional character born out of an artists mind. A meme experiment and analysis.”

    …. unless he’s just trying to throw us off the track…..

  • http://www.jamieriddell.net Jamie Riddell

    I guess you’ve read the interview on The NExt Web?


    ‘It’s art’

  • Colin Tan

    I think only haikus work as art on twitter

  • John

    TLDR summary: someone pretending to be a serial killer for the lulz.

    Anonymous on the internet? ZOMG, Innovation.

    Also the fact that this guy is an “artist” somehow makes it worse for me. I wish he was just some 15 year old kid.

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