The Casio EX-G1 is for the fashion-conscious outdoorsy types


A quick glance at the Casio EX-G1 doesn’t revel that the camera is a rugged-type model. It’s just too good looking. But then you might start to notice that the dials are recessed and reinforced and the case seems like it could work underwater. (it can) It’s just that Casio managed to out a 12.1 MP ruggedized camera that’s actually a looker.


The camera’s equipped with all the standard modern conveniences too. It sports a 12.1 MP sensor, a 960 x 240 2.5-inch reinforced LCD, a 3x zoom, and microSDHC storage. But more importantly the camera is shockproof, dustproof, freezeproof and waterproof up to 10 feet for 60 minutes, which makes it an awesome option for those that enjoy beaches, snowbording, and surfing. (not me) The EX-G1 should be out for $300 in December and available in both red and black.