The Aptera 2e gets pushed back to 2010, millionaire tree huggers shed a tear

apteraThe all-electric, three-wheel Aptera has been kicking around for a while now. It was supposed to be out sometime this year, but that’s not going to happen. A new report was just released that says the 2e has been pushed back to next year. But no worries. The report also states that the car is in fact coming. That is as long as some loans come through as expected.

Press release via Jalopnik

“We’re making significant progress every day with product refinements, the completion of engineering and design details, and securing meaningful strategic partnerships,” says Wilbur. “However, we now have to adjust our production schedule to align with financing realities. Properly managing the resources of the company means we’ll complete our first vehicles in 2010, not by the end of 2009 as previously projected.

“Aptera management is being a prudent steward of all resources to ensure future viability for the company and strong returns for its stakeholders. Therefore, we’ll begin volume production vehicles once our current series of private funding has closed or when we secure financing through the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle loan program, whichever comes first.”

You can’t hate on the company when it’s clearly taking a cautious approach. No one is buying cars right now anyway.