T-Mobile starts selling Sidekicks again, drops prices


Data problems? What data problems? Oh right, those data problems. Well, its been about a month so, like with any sort of break up or troubled relationship, you’ve had your chance to grieve and be angry…now it’s time to move on, folks.

At least that seems to be T-Mobile’s position. Thus, Big T has resumed selling both its older Sidekick and the newer Sidekick LX, each for slightly less than the pre-data loss prices nonetheless.

After the terrible debacle that was the T-Mobile/MS/Danger data loss extravaganza in which T-Mobile gave affected users $100 gift cards, it wasn’t clear if the ol’ Sidekicks would every see the light of day again. Low and behold, T-Mobile had brought them back from their self-imposed deadpool, only this time, they are cheaper than before. The older Sidekick (2008) is now just $49.99 (w/ contract) and the newer LX is down to $149.99 (w/ contract).

So now’s the time to grab your new ‘kick…that is, if you are willing to be that lightning won’t strike twice.