FICOD in Madrid launched awkwardly this morning with Kevin Spacey

logo[Spain] Though I’m dying to browse around and mingle at FICOD, “Feria Internacional de Contenidos Digitales”, or International Digital Content Fair for you, a friend told me it would be nearly criminal not to at least mention what we have going on here in Madrid for the next three days (see program).

Too many collaborators and credits to give (, BBVA, Telefonica, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade together with the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Ministerio de Cultura, among others), but FICOD is at this point a highly renown and prestigious event, locally and we hope, internationally. Incidentally and rightly so, FICOD is accessible to all, being a free event. The idea is to bring all it’s content to the greater public. This of course, inherently drops the level or expertise and knowledge of attendees.  Free will do that. But it had to be free.

IMG00053FICOD launched this morning with a visit, speech and interview from none other than Kevin Spacey. Right, the actor. Kevin Spacey, apart from his role in the Old Vic in London, is currently producing a movie about Facebook, so his presence was more than suitable.  On top of suitable, it was quite entertaining, especially the unbearable interview by Manuel Campo Vidal, President of the Spanish Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which Spacey suffered through along with the audience and attempted to save with a few entertaining stunts and comments.

I can’t help but mention a few comments/questions from Manuel Campo Vidal that made us Spaniards (I’m not Spanish, but I try to blend in) look pretty damn stupid.  The interview was boring. He asked Spacey what it was like producing for the first time, to which he responded, kindly, “I’ve been producing for over 12 years”.  Facebook was the topic of conversation that Manuel could not get away from, despite Kevin Spacey’s requests. There was no analysis, no conversation, no flow or feedback. Just a list of irrelevant questions, which brought Spacey to the limits, asking the interviewer to stop, breaking the monotone conversation by pouring water all over the interview table, in a pose imitating Asturian cider pouring.  Good thing Kevin was FUN, though I suspect he’s not coming back.

But FICOD goes on, with countless informative sessions and exhibits stands all around the conference stages. Certainly not to be missed, if you can come next year. For now, be sure to check out the full program. Anyone who’s anyone is here and it at least helps one entertain the notion that Spain is trying to move ahead. Still basic, still moving in circles.