Daily Endeavor Launches A Crowdsourced Guide To Jobs

Career related sites like Monster and others are meant for people who are looking for a specific type of job or area. But what if you don’t know what career or job opportunity you want to pursue? Daily Endeavor is a site that’s designed to help students and job seekers learn about job opportunities and then decide which career suits their skills and interests.

Daily Endeavor’s founder Matthew Mahoney says the sites is focusing on content in the social change areas such as education, microfinance and human rights. Ultimately, the site’s goal is to profile 100,000 types of jobs over the next 3 years. The site is hinged on getting people to write detailed descriptions, reviews and guides about their jobs and experiences

By design, Daily Endeavor is not a job listings site but hopes to partner with these platforms in the future. And Mahoney says there are opportunities to market the platform at universities. The site also has an existing companion business, EdeavorPrep, that advises students and job seekers with career advice.