Tinychat Launches Live Video Streaming Portal To Take On Ustream And Stickam

Startup Tinychat, which started out as a simple IRC-style chatroom app to complement conversations on platforms like Twitter, has been steadily building out its innovative platform to include video chat and screensharing options and Facebook Connect.

Today, the startup is launching Tinychat.tv, a Ustream-like streaming platform that lets users live stream any video conversations or shows that are hosted on Tinychat live to the web. The site, which was built out using Tinychat’s API, lets anyone launch a branded page and channel where they can then conduct and stream multi-participant shows. Tinychat will not be charging for bandwith and will let users fully customize the landing page that hosts the videos. Visitors can comment on the page via Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to a show and more. Plus, the new site is just one example of the applications, such as a live streaming video site, that can be easily built from Tinychat’s API.

Dan Blake, co-founder of Tinychat, says that the platform is seeing 5 million minutes of usage per day, which isn’t bad for the bootstrapped startup. And with the steady iteration of its product, Tinychat’s browser-based communication platform now rivals some of the tools built by large corporations or venture-backed startups out there. As we’ve written in the past Tinychat is giving competitor TokBox a run for its money and is now encroaching on Stickam’s and Ustream’s territory.