Gift Guide 2009: Toys

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The problem with creating a category for toys on CrunchGear is that almost everything we review is a toy – it’s fun, cool, and great to play with for at least a day or two until our attention is inevitably drawn to something else. That said, here are some gift ideas for the toy lover in your life.


Stylophone Beatbox: $25.50 (

I’m sorry I’m going to thrust this upon you but this is a really cool way to make music. Seriously. You slide the little stylus all over the pad to create different beats and the resulting cacophony can even sound somewhat professional. If the kids don’t want to learn violin, this is the next best thing.

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Ghostbusters Action Figures: $19.99 (

These make for a great stocking stuffer and they’ll make the kids aware of films from the era before computer-generated video.

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[tab:Genesis Portable]genesis

Sega Genesis Portable: $69.99 (

Kids asking for a console? Don’t give them the satisfaction. Make them earn it. But don’t be completely cruel. Give them something like the Sega Genesis Portable Handheld. It includes great games like Sonic & Knuckles and will make them hunger for the New Super Mario Brothers even more.

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Jakks Pacific EyeClops Night Vison 2.0 Binoculars: $69.99 (

One of my favorite toys of the season. This amazing night vision kit makes it fun to run around in the dark – especially for the kid wearing the night vision goggles. Recreate your favorite scenes from G-Force and Silence of the Lambs.

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Zippity from Leapfrog: $69.99 (

Kids too young for games? Give them this massive joystick/footpad combination and let them lead Winnie the Pooh, Diego, and other characters down the primrose path to fun.

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[tab:Ball and Cage]ballandcage

Homemade Ball and Cage: Free (

Trust me: the kids will think you’re a freak but when they’re thirty or so they’ll pull this out and think of you.

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