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We’ll be running our own TechCrunch half-day and party event on the subject of Realtime in December (“Christmas Crunch: It’s a Realtime Holiday” £45, tickets here). But that’s a way off, and in the meantime, tomorrow in London the 140 Characters Conference from the US hits these shores. It will be at the O2 Indigo and is being put on by the long-time tech veteran Jeff Pulver.

At the last minute we’ve secured three free tickets to the event (I’ll be there moderating a panel on venture capital and realtime), so we’re delighted to give these away to anyone commenting on this post saying they want to go, and why. These are normally £425. So get commenting. We’ll pick someone randomly.

  • Herve

    Hi Mike,

    Wow, this is great, just came across the event and was wondering if I could afford it, just starting off new business. Hope the luck will be with me in the random picking.

    All the best in any case.

    Cheers, H

  • AlisonW

    Would love to go but couldn’t afford to buy a ticket as I’m bootstrapping myself which means I have plenty of sweat equity but no actual cash to spare!

  • Alain

    Would love to attend this event.

  • Sebastien Marion

    Hi Mike,

    I’d love to go there. We recently launched a new service called TweetSwitch located at .

    It allows users to tweet and receive tweets on any instant messenger such as MSN, gTalk, AIM, Yahoo! and very soon Skype and more.



  • Mauricio Reyes

    I want to go and I think I should be given a ticket because I’d like to hear from the scene’s influencers and their thoughts on the real-time space. More importantly I should be given a ticket because I’m so great. In fact I think I should be given all 3 tickets in case 2 of them are not valid on the door.

  • Scott Colvey

    You’re picking randomly, right? In which case I’d like to go because my son’s got chicken pox and I’m looking for any reason to get out of the house. There’s also the small possibility that I could infect half the audience, creating an international incident. Let’s make this thing go viral.

  • Karl Freeman

    Hey Mike!

    This is awesome! It would be amazing to go to 140Conf, I looked at the tickets but at £425 it was quite out my price range, huge fan and follower of some of the panel and speakers. Would be excellent to see them in the flesh.

    Fingers crossed for the lucky draw, and thanks for making this possible!


  • John Stevens

    I would love to go to the conference, but as a student I could not afford it! I’m interested in the links between social media and the news media, and write a blog at



  • Meral Crifasi

    I hope it’s still possible to get tickets ! Pick me! Pick me ! off sorry it was random well crosses her fingers

  • Naden

    Looks amazing .. the VC/realtime panel looks very intriguing. Always interesting to know what the latest trends are.

  • Benedict Evans

    Looks like an interesting crowd – even worth going to Greenwich…

  • Marcin Grodzicki

    Hey – I want one too :)

  • Scot

    I’d like to go, mostly because I’d like to see why this conference is allegedly worth 425 quid. Also, the O2 is easy to get to and it would be nice to have a day out.

  • Mike Butcher

    Ok so the winners are
    Sebastien Marion
    Benedict Evans
    Marcin Grodzicki
    And we’re having a bonus one too:
    Mauricio Reyes

    • AlisonW

      /me is puzzled at lack of “and why” in all cases, but respects the decision …

  • Robert O'Callaghan

    Mike – strange that AlisonW was missed? Was it a random pick or the first 3 comments?


  • Marcin Grodzicki

    Thanks Mike :)

  • Jon Darke

    Am a new business start-up, supporting other new business start-ups. A new creative design agency looking for new clients in the tech start-up world, helping them get their projects off the ground and running, at affordable rates. I would like to attend this event to network and find exciting new projects to work on and help support through to realisation.

  • Sergi

    I’d love to go. I’ve just left my current job to really focus all my energies in developing a rt app.

  • Tor Egil Ellingsne

    I would love to go. Planning a internet startup and are looking for investors and new network.
    It cost a lot with fligth, hotel and eventticket.

    I will appreciate if I get one.

  • Rahul Batra

    I’m an Oxford University Graduate working at the Internet Institute.

    Would love to attend this conference.



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