Charging for content just got easier in the UK, mobile payment service GoPayforit launches

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GoPayforit[UK] A new mobile payment service in the UK aims to lower the barriers to paying for content online, and in doing so, help bloggers, musicians, and other content owners generate much needed revenue.

GoPayforit lets website visitors make payments ranging from 25p to £10 via their mobile phone, charged to either their monthly phone bill or debited from their Pay As You Go (pre-pay) credit. The service is based on the industry-wide mobile payment system Payforit, which is backed by all of the major UK mobile networks. Talking of those (greedy) networks, the amount that content owners will receive after GoPayForit takes their cut can vary greatly as each operator charges a different amount per transaction.

Payment examples provided by the company include purchasing tracks or videos from a band’s website, subscribing to a blog or donating to a charity.

GoPayforit’s main pitch, however, aside from claiming to be more profitable for content owners than competing online payment offerings, is that the service is more convenient for consumers. Not only does it enable those without a credit card to pay for content online (via a verification code sent by SMS), each transaction involves far fewer ‘clicks’ than credit card-based payment methods, the company claims. 106 clicks less than shopping at supermarket Sainsbury’s online, 104 less than retailer or 64 less than sites that support PayPal, apparently. The latter claim is based on PayPal’s use of “address capture software” not when costumers pay by logging in with their existing PayPal credentials, a comparison that obviously favours GoPayforit.

While number of mouse clicks as a metric used to talk down competitors isn’t one that we see too often, admittedly, as Amazon’s one-click payment system shows, the easier you make it for consumers to part with their cash, the more likely they’ll spend on impulse. That’s where the potential of GoPayforit and similar mobile payment services isn’t hard to see. On that note, content owners can add GoPayforit functionality to their site by inserting a few lines of code.

The service is backed by Interlinked Media Ltd, a UK-registered company with offices in Newcastle, England and Richardson, Texas.

  • Janusz

    I would say the most important piece of information in the article is missing – what’s the cut of the mobile payment that publisher gets? I think we had enough of mobile payment services already – the biggest problem is the massive cut that carriers take, if this service has the same issue – not sure why its deserving a write-up?

    • Steve O'Hear

      The full range of GoPayforit “tariffs” are but one click away. I’ve added a link to the post. But agree, the massive cut the carriers take is a big issue.

    • JAB

      I have found a far better mobile payment solution.

      This one is free to use…. all SMS based.
      Check out

      Currently I have used it for pre pay air time, tickets, taxis and pizza in West London.

  • Marcus Greenwood

    Very nicely done but the fees charged by the operators are just OUTRAGEOUS – especially Virgin – WTF! I suppose like they say one of the issues is that there is no competition on this metric. Unfortunately I can’t see it changing drastically any time soon unless there’s some kind of govt intervention.

  • Ben Rometsch

    Is this some sort of paid advertisement?

    There are a pile of companies offering this exact service, that have been doing so for years, and many for better rates!

  • TechChick

    Ben – I think the point is that the issue has come about again given the resurgence of debate around paying for online content and how to get punters to part with their cash freely, without fuss. There may be a number of companies out there like them, but what are they saying now??

    I also think we need some kind of follow up outlining the issue of operator cuts etc – Steve, is there a possibility to get this information from the company? Would be interesting to see exactly how this works and how different they are, if they are! My thinking is that mobile micro payments is the future and we need to start taking this more seriously. In fact, tonight on Sky News they were discussing the very issue of mobile payments and its safety in comparison to online banking/phishing etc.

    Mobile won….go figure….

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