Facebook Cufflinks Ask You To "F Me"

-1There’s a certain type of man that wears cufflinks. Don Draper, for example, wears cufflinks. But he’s also a fictional character set in the 1960s. In the real world, these days, it’s usually the well-off that wear them. Basically, you need to have enough money to not care about spending hundreds of dollars on buttons.

But CuffLinks.com appears to be going for a new crowd with its latest design. The “Facebook Me” cufflinks are $50 and feature yes, the Facebook logo on them. They are approximately 3/4″ by 3/4,” are “Rhodium plated,” and feature a “Bullet back closure.” One cufflink features the Facebook “f,” the other reads “me.” Classy.

Facebook has well over 300 million users now, but I’m just not sure how much overlap there is with the cufflink crowd. Much of that crowd seem to prefer monogrammed cufflinks, so perhaps it would have been a better idea to engrave Facebook vanity names or profiles pictures in these bad boys.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also famously doesn’t like to dress up. But he has traded his North Face/flip flop uniform for a tie with jeans. He could well be on his way to cufflink status.

Again, let me just clearly point out again that these cufflinks very clearly spell out “f me.” If the presence of Facebook cufflinks wasn’t going to ruin your chances of meeting that someone special this weekend, this likely will.