braillenote apex

BrailleNote Apex makes it easier to take notes with Braille QWERTY keyboard

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This is the BrailleNote Apex. It’s a device that the blind/visually impaired (I’m not sure which term is the more acceptable one) can use to, as the name and photo implies, take notes. It runs Windows CE 6, which this type of device usually runs, and, is aimed at students and the like.

Like so many netbooks, it’s powered by an Intel Atom processor, and comes with a bit of flash storage—8GB, to be exact. Of course, you can add extra storage with a handy SDHC card.

An internal application suite, named Keysoft, can let users browse the Web, send and read e-mail, record audio notes, etc. There’s even an instant message client.

Yes, this is something that I’d have to see in person to fully appreciate how it works, and how positive an impact it makes on people’s lives.

via SlashGear

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