Myxer Delivers 10 Million Ringtones To iPhone Users

Mobile content delivery startup Myxer has officially delivered over 10 million free ringtones to iPhone users.Myxer allows users to download ringtone in two ways. First, Myxer’s free ringtone podcasts allows any iTunes user to pull ringtones directly from the channel. And the startup has a standalone site that gives users the ability to download from a catalog of more than two million ringtones and sync them to the device from their PC.

The easier of the two options is surprisingly subscribing to the podcast. Being subscribed means that iTunes will check for new files as they become available, allowing users to get Myxer ringtones directly from iTunes and on their mobile phone every time they sync. Two new ringtones are added each week.

In addition to ringtones, Myxer offers over 2 million free ad-supported ringtones, wallpapers and videos and currently counts more than 27 million users. Users can also make their own ringtones, videos and wallpaper from music and files a customer already owns. Competitors include mSpot, Playphone and SendMe.