Zynga's FishVille Gets Out Of The Penalty Box At Midnight

A high-drama and high-stakes ScamVille exchange over the weekend left Zynga in the penalty box. Facebook put their newest social game, FishVille, on ice for advertising violations. In response, Zynga said they’d pull down all advertising offers until further notice.

Zynga’s now saying that the game will be live again at midnight tonight. 875,000 users flocked to the aquarium game in its first two days, so I’m sure they’ll be glad to see it back.

And so far Zynga has lived up to its recent promise. All offers, including legitimate ones like virtual currency for Netflix subscriptions, have been removed from all Zynga games.

Hey everyone,

Good news! Issues have been resolved and FishVille will be back online tonight at approximately 12:00am PST. We have been feeding your fish to keep them happy and growing during the downtime, so they should be just fine when you return to your tanks. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding.

-Team FishVille