MojaMix, a web service that lets you make your own cereal and granola

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Back in the olden days, long before the advent of electric light, our forefathers dreamt of a better place. They dreamt of running hot and cold water in their wash rooms, wireless telegraphy, and the rise of the horseless carriage. They dreamt of threshing machines that could tie down an acre of millet an hour and helioplanes that could transport humans from one place to another in comfort and style. But what was the dream that drove our forefathers to strive for better things, always? What dream sustained them through a Depression and two World Wars? What was the silent prayer they mumbled nightly to the heavens from their pinched and chapped lips? Friends, they dreamt of a website that lets you mix your own trail mix and cereal. And that dream is now a reality.

Mojamix is an online granola manufacturing system. You select your base, then add dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. They package up your foodstuff and send it to your home via first class mail. The average 12-ounce bag costs about $12 and there is the possibility of adding chocolate-covered cashews to the mix. This last part is what clinched it for me.

The company sent me two handmade concoctions GORP and cereal. It was packed on November 3 and arrived on November 7. The GORP was quite tasty with plenty of fruit yet, sadly, a small smattering of chocolate covered cashews. The cereal was also good with a good flake-to-fruit ratio, ensuring I wasn’t just eating flakes although, to be honest, I’d have preferred to have seen a fewer flakes.

The company offers some Popular Mixes including the “Happy Camper” and “Runner’s Fuel,” and each of these mixes can be improved through the addition of chocolate covered cashews. You can also add flax seeds, but nothing good will come of that.

Let it be known: 12 ounces of cereal is not enough for a family of four, especially since there aren’t enough chocolate covered cashews in there to go around. I’d recommend getting two bags at a time, a pricey proposition.

Is Mojamix for you? I don’t even know what to tell you. If you’re too busy to head down to the health food store and really like goji berries, godspeed. The dried fruit was fresh and the granola was quite tasty so quality wise you’re going to get a better experience then you would back at the local food co-op where the granola is picked over by children and besmirched with hippie cooties.

That said, Mojamix has decided to be nice to you and offer a contest and a coupon code. First, enter “crunchgear” in the coupon code for 10% off of your order. Second, Mojamix has agreed to give away bags of goodness to 10 random commenters. What’s in your Mojamix (besides chocolate covered cashews)? We’ll close the commenting on Weds and send emails to the winners.