Splurb Surfaces The Most Popular Links Across Social Media Sites

There are many sites that show trending links across the web including TweetMeme, Topsy, and Bit.ly. Recently launched splurb is now in the mix with its site that shows the most popular links that are trending on social media sites. splurb currently indexes Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller, TweetMeme, Yahoo Buzz and Fark.

Splurb tallies the number of votes from the various sites and number of sources that list links. The more sources that cite a link, the larger the story appears on splurb. To get listed, a link must be popular on at least two social websites.

The site’s founder, Bill Chasen, said he created splurb because the most popular content on the web has a tendency to repeatedly show up on the seven hubs which are indexed. From there, he says, content then moves to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. I’m not so sure about that statement, but I do think that sites like TweetMeme and Topsy help us understand what links and news are trending on the web. To a certain degree, these sites are able to help us understand the importance of certain links vs. others.

Of course, Chasen says that splurb is not a replacement to its competitors, but rather serves as another layer for people to discover the best content without having to dig deep into each site.