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It is time for the second annual TechCrunch Europe ChristmasCrunch! Yes folks it’s our annual TechCrunch Europe meetup and Festive Christmas party, in one handy package. This year we’re taking a different tack – basing it around one of the the hottest themes right now, namely the rise of realtime streams. We’ve seen the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, Friendfieed and Google Wave but it’s clear that this is only just the beginning of the world going realtime. TechCrunch is running the Realtime Crunchup of course, but this event in London will also feature some of the hottest realtime startups in the world today.

The event will start with registration from 14.00 on December 15 for the seminar programme consisting of keynote presentation, panel discussions and startup pitches followed by TechCrunch Pitch! Once the seminar programme has come to an end, it will turn into your very own startup Christmas party, with DJs and entertainment until late.

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14.00 Registration

14.20 – Intro by Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch Europe

14.30 – Keynote
Iain Dodsworth & James Whittaker, Tweedeck
“Where the biggest realtime desktop application goes next”

14.50 – Presentation
“The future of realtime sentiment tracking”
Jenni Lees, Festbuzz

15.10 – Presentation
“Blending cloud with desktop realtime”
Marco Kaiser, Seesmic

15.30 – Panel – Realtime Services
Mario Menti, Twitterfeed
Mark Rock, AudioBoo
Eileen Burbidge, Investment Director at Ambient Sound Investments
Roberto Bonanzinga, Balderton

16.10 – Coffee break

16.30 – Keynote
Nick Halstead, CEO Tweetmeme
“The future of Realtime Content and News”

16.50 – Presentation
David Maher Roberts, The Filter
“The realtime effect on entertainment content”

17.10 – Presentation
Daniel Tenner, Woobius
“How Google Wave affects the future of realtime collaboration”

17.30 – Panel 2
Panel – Content
Ian Hogarth, Songkick
Alberto Nardelli, Tweetminster
William Fischer, Twitter Jobsearch
Tim Morgan, Mint Digital
Newspaper Representative TBC

18.10 – TechCrunch Pitch!!
8-10 startups to pitch.
To be considered for the pitch competition you need to email TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher, with a one side of A4 text-only pitch, and also include the URL of your company/project/startup etc on CrunchBase (you can add your company onto it if it is not already there). Include: The market “problem” you are solving with your startup, your solution, your competitors, your team, and what you’re looking for (Seed funding, Angel funding, Series A round, etc). There is no fee to pitch, as is our policy. Deadline for entry is Friday November 27.

19.00 – Drinks & Networking
(We will release party-only tickets subject to availability closer to the event)

01.00 Carriages

Gilgamesh Restaurant Bar & Lounge
The Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road, London


To attend the event, tickets will be £45 – this will give you access to the afternoon seminar and the party. Party only tickets will be released closer to the event and is subject to availability. Attendee identification will be checked at the door. Due to strong demand for tickets, we regret tickets are not transferable and not refundable. If you use your name to purchase multiple tickets, your guests must arrive with you to check in at the door. If you show up at the event without a valid ticket, TechCrunch Europe reserves the right to charge the full ticket prive £45 plus £15 administration fee to allow access to the event subject to availability.

Sponsorship opportunities

Please contact Petra Johansson petra(at) for further details on sponsorship and ticket enquiries.


If you are a member of the press wanting to cover the event, please contact Rassami Hok Ljungberg on rassami(at)

Editorial / Event Content

Editorial queries related to the event, the agenda and the pitch competition should be directed to Mike Butcher. DO NOT ASK HIM ABOUT TICKETS.

TechCrunch Europe/UKTI Pitch workshop

On 30th November 2009, TechCrunch Europe will be hosting another Pitch! Workshop. It is only open to qualified startups to attend and if you are interested in finding out more information, please contact petra (at)




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Press Association

The Press Association is the UK’s trusted source of compelling multimedia content, placed at the hear of the media. Press Association delivers everything from breaking news and showbiz interviews to real-time sports results, TV listings and weather forecasts. Increasingly, content is delivered to clients digitally, and we are actively developing new digital products and services for media and online clients. For more information visit

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  • Fernando

    Sounds cool! But “If you show up at the event without a valid ticket, TechCrunch Europe reserves the right to charge the full ticket prive £45 plus £15 administration fee to allow access to the event subject to availability.” sounds a bit excessive – shouldn’t we just be able to show up and swipe our credit cards or show an eticket on our phones? Even airlines don’t require you to have paper tickets any more!

    Also why are tickets non-transferable? Unless TC offer to buy them back they should be yours to do with as you please. These restrictions seem completely pointless…

  • David Xicota

    Sounds great!
    We have send our A4 introduction for our startup for the TechCrunch Pitch!

    Keep up the good work!


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