HTC Hero + Spotify now available at 3 UK website and stores

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[UK] Much-hyped digital music service Spotify recently announced a deal with carrier 3 UK that would bring its mobile service to 3 customers. Well, that offer is now live, as announced on the Spotify blog minutes ago.

Spotify Mobile will initially be available only on the HTC Hero, the first Android handset to launch on 3 UK. To buy, head on over to the webstore or any of 3’s retail stores.

As Mike Butcher wrote about the offering:

The offer will come in at £35 a month over 24 months plus £99 for the Hero handset. That tariff includes unlimited use of Spotify Premium on both the handset and the owner’s PC for 2 years, 750 minutes to other mobiles, unlimited texts, unlimited data, and other usual 3 tariff features like free Skype calling.

That is a pretty good deal.

If you were holding out for a HTC Hero (or any Android-run) phone until it came with a Spotify Premium subscription, you now have no more excuses.

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  • coolfx35

    I plan on purchasing this phone come December when it finally becomes available here in the U.S. I am also happy to have read today that they are soon releasing a firmware update to fix the sluggishness that had been reported in reviews.

    I do have one major concern. I am switichin gover from Windows Mobile. I am a big Microsoft supporter but I just couldn’t deal with Windows Mobile anymore. I did like however how I could sync my contacts and Live Mail account with my phone effortlessly. Is there any app available or in the works to support Microsft Live Mail and contact sync? I do not really use my Gmail account. And I have read about the forwarding option.. But I’d really just like to be able to put my preferred E-mail account on this lovely phone. Come hang out at and thanks for reading.

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