Wozaik close to launch, 200 invites for TechCrunch Europe readers

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wozaik[France] Wozaik, a Paris-based startup which is developing a dynamic bookmarking system, is giving away 200 invites for an exclusive preview of their platform to Techcrunch Europe readers. You can grab one here on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Despite still being in private alpha (a beta should launch soon), Wozaik has garnered some early attention in the French startup scene after becoming the the winners of Mini Seedcamp Paris 2009, where they first demoed their product.

Wozaik provides users with a “mosaic view” of the web by enabling them to add dynamic bookmarks to their wozaik page. Through the use of a browser bookmarklet, users can ‘clip’ portions of any website for display on their page so that, for example, a user could make a dynamic bookmark of Techcrunch’s most actively discussed posts, a market summary for a given stock, or search results for a specific term. To get a better idea of the service, check out the demo video on wozaik’s home page.

In terms of business model, the company plans to generate revenue through affiliations as well as a freemium offering. Premium features, however, haven’t been disclosed at this time.

  • Julien

    What’s the difference with safari’s ability to transform any portion of an html page into widget in your dashboard ? Maybe they can preload and be quicker than a widget ?

    • http://www.wozaik.com rodardant

      Hi Julien,

      You are right, your portions will be quicker with Wozaik than with Safari web clipper.

      Moreover, it is difficult to use the Safari web clipper as a bookmarking tool as you are limited with the available space on your dashboard. Whereas with Wozaik, organisation is made easy through tagging, dedicated search engine and thematic pages.

      Finally the core technology is very different. That is why we can provide you with more robust web clips as we can follow the fragment when the layout of the original website is modified.

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