Red Gate's Springboard incubator startups unveiled

[UK] The latest benefactors of Cambridge-based Red Gate‘s startup incubator have been unveiled. But before we get to this year’s teams, a quick reminder of how Springboard works.

Over the course of ten weeks, Red Gate provides startups with office space, money to live on, food and mentoring, including weekly talks from successful entrepreneurs. In return, they don’t take equity or seats on the board but instead hope that the program will benefit the tech eco-system in Cambridge in general and help Red Gate forge useful relationships for the future. Anyway, without further ado, here are this year’s Springboard teams.


pager-dutyPagerDuty is an alarm dispatching service for system administrators and support teams. PagerDuty collects alerts from your business’s existing monitoring tools (Nagios, Monit, Pingdom, etc) and calls or SMSes the engineer on duty if there’s a problem. If the assigned engineer doesn’t answer, PagerDuty will automatically escalate the issue by notifying someone else.

Founders: Alex Solomon, Andrew Miklas and Baskar Puvanathasan

Meta Alternative

meta-alternativeMeta Alternative produces optimisation and static code analysis tools for the Microsoft .NET platform. They’ve developed Meta Optimiser, a product that improves the speed and memory usage of .NET programs. In June 2009 Meta Alternative was awarded the Angel Prize in Cambridge University Entrepreneurs business competition.

Founders: Lyudmila Lugovskaya and Vitaly Lugovskiy


tideTidePowerd is building tools for developers who want to leverage the power of GPU computing in their applications. Their compiler/runtime hybrid automatically handles many common GPU development tasks so that developers can concentrate on the important parts of their code.

Founders: Jack Pappas and Nicolas Beecroft

Good Economics

good-economicsGood Economics is developing solutions that allow banking providers to capitalise on the demand for personal money management.

Founders: Matthew Maltby and Peter Trotter