Good news Foursquare fans -14 new European cities added

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foursquareGood news Foursquare fans or those in Europe who want to get in on the action. Co-founder Dennis Crowley has confirmed that they have “a big round of European cities coming out today (!! – Nov 4) and then some ‘Worldwide’ cities after that.” He made the comment in a support forum (hat tip to The Next Web).

The cities are understood to be Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, San Antonio, Madrid, Manchester, Paris, Prague, Rome and Stockholm. Until now, London and Amsterdam were the only European cities available.

Crowley also says that the mobile location-based game is working on a “foursquare everywhere” model which will allow someone to check in anywhere regardless of whether it’s a “featured city”, similar to Gowalla. The new feature is said to be out “in the next few weeks”, so hopefully those who live elsewhere in Europe won’t have to wait much longer.

Update (Robin Wauters): and they’re live!

  • Kenn

    Singapore Next Please!

  • Stephen Robinson

    Why manchester, yet not liverpool? Stupid.

  • Jon C.

    Kenn: you should check out Gowalla: it’s a groovy new location-based social service that already works in Singapore! or

    • Kenn

      Thanks, Will check it out.

      • dens

        hey kenn – give us another week or two and we’ll have something for you to play with in Singapore.

        -dens @ foursquare

    • DavidC

      +1 on Gowalla. I’ve been playing with Gowalla and FourSquare and apart from the points scoring aspect in of FourSquare Gowalla has FourSquare beat hands-down on range (anywhere) and user-interface. On the range side of things I’ve noticed FourSquare does let me set up spots that are not in London but categorises them as London – hmmm; and it’s spot-locating list when you want to check in leaves a bit to be desired.

      I like the Items aspect of Gowalla. It’s like virtual geo-caching. If they could implement getting photos or video etc into the virtual geo-cache for a Spot then it would be even better.
      #gowalla #foursquare

  • palmamod

    I can’t believe anyone would want to go out in Brussels. And, how about Milan being, like, the second-biggest fashion city in Europe?

    • Jesper Bergmann

      Haha,I agree with the Brussels part and that Milan would be an obvious city to add. Also lot’s of Milanese seem to have smart phones.

      • tobias

        Have either of you stayed in Brussels for more than a few days? It’s like saying you can’t go out in Washington D.C. … Where there are politicians, there are journalists and bars. Only: The food in Brussels is probably better than in Washington.

      • Jesper Bergmann

        I have been in Brussels a couple of times within the past 2 years, and I thought there were a lot of nice places so no pun intended.
        However, there is no way Brussels can compete against Milan in terms of quality of cuisine and places to go out. And we even have some pretty good Belgian restaurants too :)

    • JT

      dude your ignorance would be sad if it wasn’t so laughable…

  • magnifico

    you mean the European San Antonio? ;)

  • Bill Hartzer

    Glad to see San Antonio on the list. Hopefully Dallas will be soon, as well.

  • dbonev

    Hmm, shouldn’t it be ‘cities’ instead of ‘cites’?

  • Michelle

    reykjavik, please!

  • Jimmeh

    Foursquare is leading the way. No point using Gowalla in my opinion (except for the nicer design)

  • Foursquare Adding 14 European Cities « Artemis’s Blog

    […] According to Techcrunch, foursquare will be adding 14 new European cities today, as stated by foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley. These cities will be Helsinki, San Antonio, Madrid, Manchester, Paris, Prague, Rome and Stockholm and of course continuing with the already available London and Amsterdam. […]

  • Hans Kullin

    It’s actually 15 new cities, not 14. They added Geneva and Munich (and not San Antonio).

  • Media Culpa

    Foursquare comes to Stockholm…

    Foursquare is a location-based social network with gaming elements, and it is the latest hype among tech savvy social media users….

  • Elijah

    Bangkok is waiting…

    • dens

      hey kenn – give us another week or two and we’ll have something for you to play with in Bangkok.

      -dens @ foursquare

  • Jasson Smith

    Nice Post, and very informative.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jasson Smith |

  • Andrew J Scott

    And of course, you’ve been able to use Rummble anywhere since we launched ;-)

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