Bulgarian startup favit wants to put your online chaos in order

favit[Bulgaria] One of the biggest problems Internet users face everyday is how difficult it has become to follow news streams from many different sources without getting lost in the noise — from mainstream media, to the millions of blogs, YouTube and other social media such as Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter.

But as (perhaps) unlikely as it sounds favit, a new startup from Bulgaria, thinks it has the answer. At the very least it’s a very nice implementation of a service which enables you to define, filter and organise information streams.

To achieve this, the site offers a sort-of socially driven RSS reader/aggregator, in which users can receive content recommendations from those in their favit social network, join ‘content’ groups or add RSS feeds of their own.

Martin Linkov, who is responsible for the company’s marketing and promotion in Bulgaria and Greece, says “the scope of favit is to become your ‘friendly filter’ – the user will invest some or no time at all to ‘map’ his areas of interest and to start receiving information on them”. (See the video pitch embedded below).

In terms of funding, Favit is part self-funded and part VC-funded by New Europe Venture Equity, a Sofia based Venture Capital firm. The service is available in English, but also in Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian but the company’s plans to localise the service for many other countries.

What is favit ? from favit on Vimeo.