Blizzard starts selling in-game pets for real world money


Really big World of Warcraft news today, friends. (Why do I write so much about WoW? Oh, you know, it’s just the biggest, most successful MMO in history. Not writing about it would be like covering tech with mentioning Microsoft or Apple.) Blizzard is now selling in-game pets that you can buy with real money, $10. We’re talking cash money. Dollar dollar bill, y’all.

It’s significant because it marks the first time that Blizzard has gotten into the business of selling in-game items for real world currency. It’s key to note that this is merely an in-game pet; it’s a vanity item. It’s not like you can buy a brand new sword or piece of armor with your dollars and cents.

Silver lining: when you buy a certain pet, $5 of the $10 will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so that’s at least admirable.

Now, we could speculate till we pass out, “will Blizzard one day sell proper, in-game items, like weapons and armor?” But we won’t do that.